General Info


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Veterinary control

The veterinary control is held only on the days before the start.


The FCI World Racing Championships observe the vaccination regulations approved by the board of the Finnish Kennel Club. In addition to Finnish Kennel Club vaccination regulations, dogs arriving from overseas must comply with the Finnish Food Authority’s requirements in force at the time of the event. Please note that the Finnish Kennel Club’s vaccination regulations may differ from the vaccination requirements associated with the importing of dogs to Finland. The requirements in force at the moment can be checked through the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

More information: (in Finnish) (in Swedish) (in English)

Identification markers

An identification marker (either Lifechip (Indexel) or Datamars microchip or tattoo) has been compulsory in all official Finnish Kennel Club dog trials and competitions since 1.1.2001. The Finnish Kennel Club has approve all microchips compliant with the ISO 11784 standard.

Control measurement

All Whippets and Italian Greyhounds that were not previously measured at an F.C.I. title event will be control-measured with a tolerance of 1 cm.


Maximum 12 dogs per country, per breed and sex. In addition the Racing Champions of the previous year can defend their title and be entered in addition to the maximum permissible participants.

Additional information
  • A muzzle for the Italian Greyhounds is obligatory.
  • If the Championships have to be cancelled because of force majeure, the organizer is not responsible for refunding the costs this may cause to the competitors or the teams.

The event will observe the antidoping regulations approved by the Finnish Kennel Club council. These regulations (in Finnish, Swedish and English) are available at


According to § 1.11. of the F.C.I. regulations, the organiser and officials are not liable in the event of accidents to dog owners, dogs and officials. No responsibility is accepted in the event of escaping hounds. Owners can not be held liable for a dog hurting his opponent during the run. Owners are liable for their dog’s behaviour in all cases.